New Project: isoUSBRS422, Isolated USB RS422 Converter


I have just ordered PCBs of my new project: isoUSBRS422. It is an isolated USB <-> RS422 board. I am very excited about process because it will be my first (real) open source hardware (not OSHW licensed) and KiCad project. Hopefully, it will work :)

Image at the top is created by Gerber files by ZofzPCB not a real picture. Hopefully, soldermask will be dark as shown.

Some time ago, I saw a Italy map at silkscreen on bottom layer of one Arduino board. So, I decided to put a Turkey map to see how it looks like, not for nationalism. I hope, resoultion of silkscreen layer will be good enough.

Here is the main project page:

At that moment, it is in production stage at board house.

Stay tuned! :)

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Created: December 23, 2014