In this page, I list upcoming free events related to hardware design, electronic design, embedded software, FPGA, etc.

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Week of September 25

Date Field Event Type Organizer
2023-09-26 Hardware DDR Technology How to Probe and Debug DDR Signals Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-27 Hardware How Can I Reduce Noise on Signals Measured With an Oscilloscope? Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-27 FPGA, Embedded Starting AI Engine Development with the Vitis Software Platform Webinar AMD
2023-09-27 Management Outsourcing Design Solutions for Defense Primes Webinar BLT
2023-09-28 29 FPGA Maximizing the Potential of Versal AI Engines ONLINE WORKSHOP Online Workshop, 8 hours Doulos
2023-09-28 Hardware How Do I Make a Differential Measurement on an Oscilloscope Using Passive Probes? Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-28 FPGA, Embedded Multimedia Accelerators for Kria SOM with HLS & Vitis Libraries Webinar PLC2
2023-09-28 FPGA Eliminating Memory Bottlenecks with Versal™ HBM Series - From Architecture to Implementation Webinar AMD

Upcoming Events

Date Field Event Type Organizer
2023-10-04 FPGA, Embedded Signal Processing on AI Engine Using Vitis DSP Libraries and Vitis Model Composer Webinar AMD
2023-10-04 FPGA, Embedded AMD Day Ankara, Türkiye 📍 Empa
2023-10-11 FPGA, Embedded AI Engine Test Harness and Versal System Integration Webinar AMD
2023-10-13 HDL Getting Started with SystemVerilog Randomization Webinar Doulos
2023-10-18 FPGA Deep Learning with FPGAs Webinar Doulos

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Past Events

Date Field Event Type Organizer
2023-09-20 Hardware Fundamentals of Signal Integrity Tutorial: Don’t Be Confused by Ground Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-20 FPGA Maximize Design Productivity using Vivado ML with SystemVerilog Webinar Doulos
2023-09-20 Digital Design, Verification Understanding Verification for Digital Design Webinar BLT
2023-09-20 Hardware Probing in Power Electronics – What to Use and Why Part 2: High Voltage Probe Real-world Examples and Comparisons Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-21 Hardware Fundamentals of 10 Mb/s In-vehicle Networks Webinar Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-21 Hardware EMC / ESD Pulse Measurements using Oscilloscopes Webinar Teledyne LeCroy
2023-09-21 Embedded Using Remote Access to Identify and Solve Customer Issues in Field Devices Webinar Toradex
2023-09-22 Software What is an SBOM and why should I care? Webinar Doulos