Installing DokuWiki on a mail disabled server requires a little modification

DokuWiki is great. But it requires mail() PHP function for registration or subscriptions. However, depending on your needs you don’t have to use mail feature of DokuWiki. For single user or registration closed typed wikis mailing is not essential. You may want to install DokuWiki on a server where mail() function is not available. Some hosting providers may disable mail() function. When you try to install DokuWiki, it gives you an error like that:

PHP function mail is not available.

install.php doesn’t allow you to install DokuWiki. To fix this problem, ( for 2014-09-29b “Hrun”):

  1. Open install.php
  2. Locate check_function around line 554.
  3. Find mail in explode(' ', 'addslashes call_user_func … ini_get mail mkdir …');
  4. Delete mail from that text. (Put a space between ini_get and mkdir, not leave as ini_getmkdir !)
  5. Save install.php
  6. Now, install your DokuWiki

Don’t forget that DokuWiki still is not able to send mails. This steps just allow us to skip checking mailing feature on installation.

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